For almost 70 years we have been distributing laboratory supplies, disposables for the hospital and microbiology accessories. Our product variety ranges from gynaecological sampling brush, applicator sticks, alcohol swabs to blood lancet and venous tourniquet to urine sample cups and cotton swabs. We supply microscopic slides, cover glassess, pipettes as well as laboratory glassware and laboratory bottles. We also offer disinfectants, scalpel blades and ultrasound gel. One of our business areas is producing disposables for hospitals and microbiology accessories. Since our founding in 1949, our range has been constantly developing as we adapt to progress so that today we offer a wide range of laboratory supplies. The product range includes cotton-swabs such as lemon-swabs, alcohol swabs and applicator sticks, urine sample cups, but also the name-protected smear brush Gyno Brush® and blood lancets. We also distribute microscopic slides, laboratory bottles, pipettes, cover glasses and laboratory glassware as well as ultrasound gel and disinfectants worldwide.