Maternal Fetal Medicine

Maternal-fetal medicine is a vast topic and is professional in gynecology and the number of research institutes working on the  maternal-fetal medicine are approximately 33 or more and  as well as some universities which are giving training to women to be professionals in maternal-fetal medicine , total number of universities offering this promising topic are approximately 160 working on maternal-fetal medicine and there is also a funding of around $30000- $50000 and academia 30% , 20% industry and others 50% are included in this topic. As discussed in many gynecologic conferences and gynecologic meetings worldwide, maternal-fetal medicine is a branch of obstetrics which emphasize on medical and surgical management of high-risk pregnancy cases. Management includes monitoring and treatment and comprehensive ultrasound, chorionic villus sampling, genetic amniocentesis and fetal surgery/treatment. Obstetricians who are practicing maternal-fetal medicine are also called as primatologists. This is a sub-specialty of obstetrics and gynecology which is mainly used for patients with high risk pregnancies. Obstetric medicine is a meticulously related specialty that focuses on the care of medical problems in pregnancy.